What is it?

To celebrate and the hacker community once a year, we organize the "Newline" hacker conference. A newline character marks the end of a line and moves the cursor to the next one. It's a sign of progress and it gives you a whole new line to be filled. Lets join for some short accessible talks, warm food, cold beer and Club Mate. Why would you come? Glad you asked. It is an excellent opportunity to learn cool stuff and meet new people.

It's peer-organised, free (as in access and in speech) and, quite frankly, we'd love you to show up.

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You are very welcome


The hacker community is a diverse one. We welcome people from all walks of life, and we promote mutual respect. Whether you identify as a grape, wear a tail or are a time traveller, feel welcome! Anything goes. Come talk about your ketchup addiction, show off your ballet moves or come tell us why you should be the next president of the cheese club.

We are an open forum, a listening audience. We love technology but we sure would also love to learn more about any kind of hobby you might have. If you need space or resources or a room filled with people, just let us know. Any additional questions? Mail us!

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Where to find us


Newline will take place in and around the hackerspace of Ghent:

Blekerijstraat 75, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

By car:
- free parking at P+R Weba/Decathlon (Vliegtuiglaan 18 Gent) with a free shuttle bus
- nearby paid parking at Parking Vrijdagmarkt (P1) and Gent Dampoort (P1)
By train: Dampoort Station
By plane: Brussels (BRU), Ostend (OST) ,Chaleroi (CRL) + bus
By teleport: 51.05988, 3.73253

Warning! To improve air quality, the inner city of Ghent is considered as a low emission zone (LEZ). A vehicle with a foreign number plate must always be registered. Check your vehicle here and register.

Where to stay


Recommendation: IBIS Gent Dampoort
Tight budget? Contact us or a member for couchsurfing options.

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